Full Shingle Roof Replacements

All-In-One Roof Replacement & Installation in Newmarket & Aurora

A roof replacement is a major renovation. But it doesn’t have to cause you stress. Canadian Roofing Experts has over 40 years experience in residential roofing projects.


Before we replace your old shingles, we take all precautions to protect your property such as landscaping and outdoor furniture.


Our trained and certified roofers are both efficient and meticulous so you get the beautiful and strong roof installation your home deserves.


We dispose of shingles and roofing materials, do a magnetic clean-up so no nails remain and clean your eavestrough so no debris is left behind.

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Roof & Shingle Repairs

Roof Repair And Maintenance

If your roof is in need of repair, we can help. Like anything, early attention can prevent a bigger, more expensive problem down the road. Whether you notice a recent leak or damage after a recent storm, Canadian Roofing Experts can help. Call us today at 416-908-5611.

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Flat Roofs

A flat roof is often recommended for home owners who are searching for an alternative to a sloped roof, or may want a space for a patio, or a place for an air conditioner or solar panel. These roofs are quick and easy to install and are a cost-effective option for different roofing alternatives.

With Canadian winters and the absence of a slope to guide water flow, these roofs may require maintenance after years of use. Make sure that this job is done right, and that your roof is being taken care of by professionals with a great deal of experience. If you require flat roof installation or repairs, call Canadian Roofing Experts for the best service you can get.

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Eavestrough Repairs & Replacement

Eavestroughs are an essential component of the outside of your home and they are extremely important in the maintenance of your roof. A properly installed eavestrough will collect water from your roof, and move it to downspouts that will guide the flow safely away from your house.

Often, eavestroughs are prone to getting clogged, or even leaking, as they withstand heavy rain, and snowfall. Some other signs that they may need maintenance include large collections of water, or rust on edges surrounding bolts.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your eavestrough, do not wait to get it fixed. A broken or inefficient eavestrough can be detrimental to other areas of your home and could result in some costly damages. You should consider having it repaired, or replaced by an expert. To make sure this job is done right, trust the professionals at Canadian Roofing Experts.

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At Canadian Roofing Experts, not only do we offer the best roofing solutions and expertise in Newmarket, we also offer: